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Before Mike was 30, he'd been in everything from an Arctic hurricane to a rum factory in Haiti. He'd gone to sea for a living - truly the second biggest crap game in the world. It was a place where the only chip in the game was your life and it was on the table every time you got underway.
"Forgotten Sacrifice: The Arctic Convoys of World War II" is now available.
In Forgotten Sacrifice, historian Michael G. Walling tells the complete story of the Arctic Convoys and the vital role they played in helping Russia repel the Germans. The tale involves torpedo attacks and survival at sea in open boats in the biting cold; Stuka dive bombers, naval guns, and weeks of total darkness in the Arctic winter; ships disappearing into the sea because of the ice and snow that weighed down their decks; and political calculations that needlessly put countless men into harm’s way. There are colorful stories of the female workforce that staffed the Soviet ports and of the meager, frozen conditions that awaited Allied sailors when they finally reached their icy destinations. Life in port was barely more comfortable than life at sea during the Arctic Convoys.
Coming in the Fall of 2014!
"Enduring Freedom, Enduring Voices: US Military Operations in Afghanistan"
Mike's next commissioned book from Osprey Publishing, "Enduring Freedom, Enduring Voices" chronicles US Military Operations in Afghanistan from 2001-2012. This will be a VERY interesting project for him. Mike spent 6 weeks in Afghanistan and two months at military bases across the U.S. interviewing women and men who served in Operation Enduring Freedom. He posted Situational Reports (SITREP) of the trips his Facebook page.